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Odd Socks

Chance events and well-intentioned conspiracies can bring people together in unlikely and sometimes comical liaisons. It is 1970, and diffident young mathematician Andrew Carter has just left the security and prestige of Cambridge to begin a junior lectureship at a university situated in northern England. There he runs into Toby Morton, an old school friend, who invites him to his family’s country residence for his half-sister’s fifteenth birthday—and to serve as a buffer between Toby and his domineering mother, who.....

The Special and the Ordinary

“But was music his life? If so, it was because of the man in the red dressing gown, years before, when John was eight years old.”

‘This coming-of-age tale follows childhood friends, John and Martin, from their youth to adulthood as they grow up in the industrial city of Porterfield, Britain, during the post World War II eras of the 1950s and 1960…John’s “ordinary” persona is shy, intelligent, musically disposed, and exudes a serious approach to establishing himself as a.....